iPod “White screen of death”

White screen on your Ipod? This article covers the story.

Recently. I started having troubles with my Apple iPod Nano 2nd generation, 8GB (black). I didn’t have a clue what happened at first. I took it out of sleep mode and I got this strange white screen.

ipod white screen of death

I didn’t hear any sounds as well because I disabled all the clicksounds etc. I used to experience some hangups before with some older firmware versions so I dediced to give the ipod a hard reset, switching on and of the hold button and then pushing menu+select.

rebooting the ipod

rebooting the ipod

working ipod menu

a working LCD, showing the ipod menu

Remarkably, it rebooted and the menu was backup again. I was happy! Untill I decided to put it into sleep mode and put it back on again. WTF! Again a white screen. My iTunes was still able to see the device and I was able to copy files to and from it.
So I thought, OK, lets reinstall the firmware, backup all my mp3s and wish for glory. I was proven wrong. The device repeatedly gives me the so called ‘White Screen of Death‘. I found this term/description during my Google quest for solutions.

I decided to get a little deeper into the problem. A lot of people were saying that it was the LCD that was broken but that made no sense. The LCD was working perfectly! I even managed to put the iPod into software debug mode (ipod diagnostics). To get into debug/diagnostics mode; reboot the ipod (hold on/off, menu+select) and before the apple logo appears, press select and LEFT, your iPod should now start debug mode. The menu the tech savvy people use to determine the problems your iPod might have. All tests ran fine.

iPod debug menu

ipod diagnostics menu (debug mode)

iPod though, after rebooting, Still the white screen of death.

the infamous white screen of death

the infamous “White Screen of Death

All sound is working, you just have to know your menu by heart or hard reset your device EVERY time it goes into sleep mode. Of course my 1yr warranty has expired, Apple is not admitting any problems and I’m stuck with this really expensive 8GB pendrive. Because I see no other use for the device than that.

The only thing I haven’t tried yet is to restore the ipod manually and unluckily, I think rockbox or those other opensource music solutions don’t fit on the nano 2nd generation, otherwise I would have tried that because I believe this is an Apple software problem causing the device to suddenly malfunction.  If you know otherwhise, please let me know! Or you encountered a similar problem, have a solution that worked for you, have any contacts in Apple that are willingly to send me a new one (the new 4th. generation will do guys!) or want to rant about the fast product cycle of Apple iPods and how much they basically suck at providing customer support in these cases, you are welcome to comment on my blog! :)

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  1. its clearly not you fault. apple is being F’ed up by not helping you out. hope everything works out man.. good luck

  2. Got the same problem mate. No idea how to fix it – have tried resetting it and now trying to get it into disk mode. Only problem for me is the apple logo appears about once every 50 times when resetting it!

  3. “White Screen of Death” happened to me also. But now I can’t even get the apple to show so I can reset. For what I need the thing is not of much use. When I talked with apple support the young man was sure they were working on it. How many years does it take.

  4. Same problem. Getting the white screen (and sometimes a dark screen with vertical lines) only mine won’t play any music, like some people’s will. I’ve reset it several times – apple logo comes up, but after that, it’s the white screen again. Very frustrating. Rawr.

  5. the same thinq is happeninq to my ipod riqht now. i charqed it, and in the morninq,the white screen was on. my music was playinq, then the white screen turned into a black screen. now its back to the white screen. i’ve reseted it, i’ve tried all the steps, but nothinq is workinq.
    any help ?
    the apple loqo won’t show either.

  6. @Angi, @Miranda.

    unfortunately still no answer is provided. I got the ipod stored away somewhere. Maybe when Apple will admit the problem and fix it or otherwise find a solution for it i might be able to reboot it..
    In the meanwhile, I needed a new phone as well so I bought the Apple Iphone 16GB. Now I can enjoy music on-the-go again.

  7. Yep, exact same issue exactly and exactly same IPOD. I get the white screen of death all the time now, I don’t even get the apple when I reset it. It still plays music, but I need a photographic memory to track my 1,500 songs on it. I took it to the Apple store and all they said was I need to buy a new one. This one just ran out of warranty, what a bunch of crap. I wish I had an answer or someone to escalate to, it’s ridiculous that they don’t stand behind their product…just “buy a new one”. I’m pissed.

  8. I went to the IPOD diagnostics screen you have above, and under “options” i clicked on the ‘reset test’. When I do that, it resets the IPOD and I get my screen back. It’s odd, because when I try a normal reset I don’t even get that far, just remains a blank white screen. BUT, it’s only good until I turn it off, because when I turn it back on it’s back to the white snow screen. So, I would need to do that every time I turn my IPOD on to get my screen back. It’s not a fix, but at the very least if you need your IPOD screen you can get it back for as long as you can leave it turned on….at least I do.

  9. Hey Jimmy, thanks for commenting!

    I know thats exactly what I did..for 2 or 3 times. then I got fed up with it and threw the ipod in a drawer. Shame Apple doesn’t fix or acknowledge this problem.

  10. I have the same problem, have tried all the same solutions including restoring factory defaults, nothing seems to be a permanent solution. Its a shame everyone doesn’t ban together and give Apple a little poke to get this fixed, but when you are the primary seller on a market you don’t always have to have good service.

  11. Ugh my ipod started doing this today too. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and it’ll work in the morning.

  12. Same thing happened to mine. White screen…it worked after a reboot but then stopped working. Now it won’t show the apple icon when rebooting. i thought it was something I did but I guess not.

  13. hey mine did the samething i can listen to music i just cant see it!!
    i am getting so pe’d at its not even funny but i am hopefully getting a new touch for my birthday!! :]]]

  14. Same thing here I was working out at the gym and right after I disconnected the ipod from the treadmill. It just displayed a white screen I had connected the IPOD there many times before so I thought maybe the gym equipment messed up my IPOD for good and now come to find out its apple who doesn’t know how to make good quality electronics

  15. Thanks guys, this is all good stuff. Today I’ll be attempting the same thing on my sons classic, keeping my fingers crossed.
    I’ve heard a recurring theme in the posts above… shortened lifetimes of these fragile devices, poor quality electronics, lack of support, etc… But ultimately arent we all to blame? Wanting it smaller, faster and lighter, and cheaper, the greater the chance is something is going to go wrong, period. We’ve become a throw away society, so things are made not to last, or maybe make it to the end of the warranty period if your lucky. If it dies in the warranty period, you get it taken care of, even if very slowly. Are you really surprised by disposable consumer electronics, regardless of price? What do you think has been a huge force in driving our economy in the past few years? Having been in the semiconductor mfg industry for more than 25 years, I’ve seen the huge advances in micro electronics and realized their benefits first hand. However, I’m not prepared to pay the price of, nor carry around in a backpack, a bullet proof mp3 player or telephone. Are you?
    Just trying to stir the pot a bit…

  16. Personally I don’t think apple gives a crap if they fix the white screen of death… They still sell the damn things like crazy. It’s sad that products aren’t made like they use to be. Now everything is disposable garbage! I refuse to pay $150 so I can have a working screen for a few months then have 2 damn ipods that dont work right…. APPLE U SUCK!

  17. same problem here, rebooting doesn’t help, screen remains white and music still plays. I did not try installing older versions of software yet. Wonder why Apple is not responding.

  18. Ok, my girlfriend has a 5th generation classic. Same problem started just recently. White screen sometimes has a few horizontal lines on it and music plays as normal. When the ipod is charging you can see the screen toggle with a few lines flashing. I’m guessing this was supposed to be the little battery indicator in the top right corner. Changed the battery because it was only at the end of the charging cycle that the screen works. So when the new battery was charged up it works once again. Reset it though and the same problem arises, even with a full battery. So now i’m thinking it has to do with the time the screen is on for. As the ipod gets charged through the night. I’ve done a bit of research and as far as i can see its a 50 50 split from screen to logic board. I’m changing a screen as its only 50 bucks, seems the most logic one to change too as lcd screens have a liimted life, this one has almost 3 years or so on it. Which isn’t bad for electronics these days. She was under the same illusion that alot of you others are with. I’ll just buy a new one. Something should be shouting at you right now. Why on earth is someone who is unhappy with apple, or their product, service etc is willing to buy another product from them. Be it an ipod touch or 5th gen or 6th etc. If their service isn’t good with this product why on earth do you think it’ll be good with their next one. It seems a search for ipod faulty screens comes up with ipod admitting their itouch has a similar issue. STOP BUYING THEIR STUFF. unless you only want it for the poser factor. In that case print up a copy of a working ipod screen paste it on your faulty ipod, and walk around saying how wonderful their new product is. Apple will not fix anything out of warranty and they don’t need to. That’s what warranties are for. They know that people will want the new product and will run out there and buy it. My advice, fix it if you can yourself. If you can’t and want it. Pay huge amounts for apple, or a technician to fix it. If you still want another ipod, go out and buy it. Don’t expect it to last forever they are throwaway (although expensive) items, as bob say’s, but expect it to have problems and expect it to stuff up in a time shortly after the warranty expires.

  19. Hi martin, just come across your blog, and yes I have the same problem. My guess that Apple have written something into the new itunes which is causing this problem, and once you upgrade the ipod software you cannot go back! I wonder why?
    It is definately a software based problem as the hardware works fine, and the cynic in me says it has been done on purpose to extract more of our hard earned cash by Apple.
    My 2nd Gen Nano at 4GB was a present but I have enjoyed using for the past 18months and want this problem solved for all 2nd Gen Nano users out there. I intend to contact as many Consumer TV programs I can to highlite this problem. Aplle will not do anything unless the media get on their backs. Adverse publicity is our only weapon.

  20. I have the same problem with my 2nd gen Nano, it still connects and registers with Itunes, plays songs and can be reset, restored etc., but it will display nothing but the white screen of death.

    This was my first purchase of an Apple product, and from the sorry excuse of support and failure to respond to this issue in any way other than to try to sell you another one of their pieces of junk, I will never buy another product from Apple period.

    My guess is that there is a timer set to cause them to fail just after the warranty expires to get people to buy a new one, but not me; not ever.

    Apple Sucks!

  21. i saw some thing on tv about complaning to companys and they said dont focas on how they suck (witch they do so mutch) any way point is say you like the product (ipod) but say you are disapointed with the quality and stuff i dont know if this works but im going to try ill give an update when apple respondes to my email

  22. ya frnds i am also suffering through such a problem but in 10 or 15 tries i get the display and when i switch it off then it again turns blank on starting again……
    lets see now wht 2 do

  23. Yep, i’ve got the same thing going on with my black 8gb nano. Doesn’t look like it’s going to get resolved anytime soon either seeing how theres still problems showing up in Aug 09 and this thread was started in Sept. of 08….. Sucks ballzinis!

  24. @Camel83 indeed, someone at Apple probably already have read this thread but nonetheless there is no action involved..Probably because we are just a few having problems of the many without problems

    Please read carefully between or over the lines: APPLE CARE POLICY: DATED : CURRENT
    The ipod/iphone is a product,whose problems can be raised only for the first year afterthe purchase date during/after which you shall receive answers that may not be acceptable to you. The company shall in no way entertain disgruntled elements who have problems with their above products, be it legal , illegal,covered by Federal laws or your in-laws and outlaws.
    Any extension of warranty shall be obtained for another one year, for a price, during which ,as during the warranty period, you will be replaced with a RE FURBISHED piece. The term replaced’ should notbe read as replacement with a new product. The company in no way whatsover, stocks spares of any product in parts or the sum of it.The customers of Apple are expected to be well aware of the above rules and shall not post problems beyond the company’s own set of default FAQs .

    Apple shall replace your product , if you insist, for a cost that is as low as 95% of the new current model with a REFURBISHED piece of the model you submit. Even though the price will be as Low as 95% you may argue to bring it up to 100% which the company may agree on a mutual understanding.
    These products do not have Apple certified replacements for the parts or service whatsoever during any period. The customer shall in no way express dis satisfaction directly to the company, that in other terms mean that the above clauses have not been read carefully.
    White Screen of Death is not a symptom or technical failure recognized by Apple. The terms in application for I phones and I pods as recognized by Apple are to be reffered and any other fantazized coining of terms shall be termed as redeemed fit for ignorance from the company.
    The company holds the right to tell the customer to dispose the products it seems fit as garbage to the place it belongs, that is garbage dump.
    The company shall in no terms and way consider itself responsible to any product it sells, beyond its warrantied or otherwise, life span of 365 days.

  26. Uder UK consumer laws there is no fixed time period for a wanrranty and Apple cannot hide behind sucha clause as this would be thrown out by UK courts. We have an unfair clauses act which outlaws such rubbish.
    A product has a lifespan which must be reasonable based on the costs of purchase. In the ipod case it should be around 5 years not 12 months.
    I have already contacted our local trading standards who are looking into this case. in the meantime I suggest Facebook/Youtube and other website postings may jolt Apple into action.

  27. This exact problem is happening to my 3rd generation ipod nano it will play songs but the Lcd appears to not be working. The apple logo will not even show on my ipod. I’m pretty angry as i just bought a whole car stereo and soun system so that i could play my ipod through my car and a day after this happened. My ipod is only a year old also. Any suggestions or should i just buy another piece of crap?

  28. I have had the same problems… white screen.. reset and the menu returns until you shut it off. I have reset if a few times now I can’t see the apple anymore to complete the rest. My computer sees it and it plays. Someone mentioned that this is happening after the itunes upgrade? I have old computer backups saved and I may have an old version! I am going to try and uninstall it and re-install an older version. Did someone say they think it was happening after 7.1?

  29. I’ve had this same problem! It’s a pain in the ass. It started as vertical lines and then it went full white. I left it off for a few days and then charged it up and it was fine. Now it’s done it again. I’ve tried my last solution but so far no luck. I can’t even get the reset Apple logo to appear. It’s just white or off. It still connects to iTunes and my car FM tuner though. So frustrating, I’m thinking of ditching iPods altogether. I’ve had two all up and they’re both pieces of crap.

  30. Same story: 2nd generation nano got the white screen of death.
    Right after registering a new 4th generation nano, I went to sync my 2nd generation nano, and it went to the white screen. I have used that 2nd gen. for about 3 years w/o any problems. Reseting, restoring, etc have NOT worked. Syncs, loads itunes, but no screen.
    Apple support told me it was “old” and I needed to buy a new one.
    Shouldn’t they disclose that they have a 3 year ‘expiration date’?
    They will ‘fix’ it for $99.
    I am returning my new one.

  31. My 2nd Gen Nano which is a few years old has also recently gone white screen, but otherwise functioning, just as everyone else is describing.

    In an unrelated but similar incident I’ve fixed a problem with my TomTom Satnav by restoring an older version of its internal software. I’d like to think that all of us with ‘broken’ iPods could fix them in a similar way.

    Has anyone (like Kathy who posted on 7th Sept) had any luck restoring older versions of iPod software?

    I’m willing to give it a try, but does anyone have insight into where older iPod software can be downloaded?

  32. Hi all,

    I have the exact same problem on my Nano 2G 4GB, screen completely white yet music plays and the wheel is responding – reset and screen comes back until it sleeps again then problem returns. I have hardly used this Ipod so I am more than a little pissed by this. It all seems to tie in with a firmware update to 1.1.3, I have tried absolutely everything to fix it without success (not tore it apart yet though) I am trying to downgrade the firmware but am having difficulty locating the old firmware – files 29_1.1.1.ipsw or 29_1.1.2.ipsw should work, anybody got these files? I have contacted apple support but I am not hopeful … Sony player next time I think.

  33. I have the same exact problem. I did have the screen randomly work at times a while ago, but now it never works. I’ve seen so many forum threads about this and heard of people trying to contact Apple, but to no avail. Hopefully getting an iPod touch whenever it gets a camera and a worthy update from the 2nd gen. This problem is so frustrating.

  34. Hey guys, I’ve the white screen also. First it sometimes and now it doens’t work at all. I also already replaced the screen. That didn’t work. I like to say that it’s not the Apple firmware! Rockbox did release a version voor ipod nano 2g this month. I installed it and booted from it. And still my screen was white..

  35. I had the same problem with my Ipod touch. its still in warranty so i sent it in for repair/replacement. It was nearly blemish free as it had been kept in a hard case. It was never dropped or abused in any way. Its been in my desk drawer at work and on top of my desk while being used. I sent it in for service after finding hundres of thousands of examples of the same thing happening o other ipods on the internet. It was returned to me. they refused to fix it saying that it had external damange/abuse. It came back with a nice big dent in the back. it was shaped exactly like it was slamme on the edge of a desk. Iwill never give apple another dollar.

  36. I have had that problem forever and I still cant find a solution. Apple seriously has issues now that I have discovered that my first generation ipod touch is having issues with the headphone plug thingy and I can no longer hear any music from the left headphone =.=…. I think my next purchase will probably be a zone over an ipod cuz ive had 3 and theve all gone bad in one wat or another.

  37. me same problem, with the ipod nano with biger screen, only got it for 1 or 2 years. i only get screen when i just turn it on. cant watch films anymore dont like that hope i can get menu foce to work that will make it easyer

  38. My wife’s ipod nano has just gone white but as it is under a year old she is ok, however as we are in the EU there is a clause that states items must be sold with at least a 2 year warranty on electrical goods, it is as follows clause 1999/44/EU, the only down side is that even our own trading standars offices dont know of it’s existance yet but good luck to you all.

  39. I can’t believe how bad apple has become. My 4G Nano, 2nd gen has been flakey since day one. They told me it’s normal to have to reset/restore/reload it. Yeah, whatever.

    Now i can’t get anything but a white screen and they won’t help. If I ever meet Steve Jobs I’ll kick him in the balls.

  40. My 2nd Gen iPOD also suffers from this same screen issue.
    I have found that this seems to be temperature related.
    If I put my iPOD in the fridge for 15 minutes, or the freeze for 2 minutes, the problem goes away, for a while. When I dock the unit in an iPOD compatible clock/radio, it eventually heats up enough and the “white screen of death” re-appears. Problem has got progressively worse or the past few months, the iPOD it now almost unusable.

  41. We have the same screen problem with a 4GB Nano. So I turned it off and put it in the feeezer (previous post) for a few minutes. The screen is now Normal. I’m sure it is only temporary.
    Turned unit off and back on and lost the screen again!

  42. I had the ipod White screen of death too, and I tried everything to try to fix it, including restoring, resetting, etc. but I finally got the screen to work by going to the diagnostic menu and running through some of the tests there. Then I reset the ipod and VOILA!! THE SCREEN CAME BACK! knock on wood, it’s been working for a few days already with no problems. Now if I could just figure out what I did… I think it was an LCD test or the “key” test.. hmm..

  43. Does anyone know where I can find a list of the menus (ipod nano 2nd gen.) so that I can navigate the ipod without being able to see the menus? Thanks.

  44. Of course restoring the software does not actually restore the software at all.
    It downloads the current software in your ipod, removes any other files on the device, then uploads the same software it has just downloaded.
    Hence this is not a FIX at all.
    More of Apples smoke and mirrors nonsense.

  45. Dude, Having d same prob wid my nano 2nd generation 2gb model.
    Help me dude, Wat shud I do now..??
    Will they replace wid d new 1..??
    Wat wud I need 2 do..??

  46. Just came across this site after my 3rd generation 8gb ipod nano went white. It was just sitting on a ipod dock where it’s been for nearly a year and without so much as breathing on it it decided to go white. It’s obviously not under warranty and Ive tried all the fixes here and elsewhere and I’m out of ideas. It had never been dropped, abused and had been babied and pampered since the day I bought it so this makes absolutely no sense. Apple needs to get their head out of their @ss and acknowledge a problem exists and do the right thing. If this doesnt get resolved sooner rather than later Apple’s lost two loyal customers for sure and my wife and I will be sure to share our experience with as many people we know.

  47. i have the same prob with a 2nd gen like everyone else here, it plays music,just no display.
    i would like to run a diagnostic but there is a white screen all the time!! is there anyway that i can run it through pc or something?

  48. More light on Apple’s problem!
    It seems that the reason why the firmwear will not be fixed is because this is encrypted.
    If Apple put out a fix for the software then they open themselves up to suits for neglegence, and any software put forward for downloading could easily be decrypted by some of the more inteligent mortals out there.
    In short there is no advantage to Apple to fix the problem.. and many reasons why they shouldn’t. So guess what.. they wont!!
    I suggest anyone going to any kind of exhibition – trade fair or demonstration where Apple is there takes their iPod and asks them why it doesnt work. A few red faces would not go amiss here.

  49. A new product that can be used to view your old kodachrome dia-positives, if you have any left, has been launched by apple yesterday.
    It is called I-pad. Imagine that 8×10 size screen going white in 12months+1 day.
    You have a great transparency viewer.

  50. Alot of bloggers are not really happy with this new iPad.There was just too much hype about it and alot blogers got disapointed.Thing is, I can actually see lots of the cool potential of the gizmo. Third-party soft for playing tunes, games, papers and magazines and FFS books, all sorts of cool stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it properly (excluding the books). It looks rather incomplete

  51. I have the same problem white screen but i cant even get the apple logo when i try to reboot . having read all of your entries i have contacted the bbc watch dog program and let them know but it does state on there that the more people that report this the more likely it will be looked into so anyone who reads this go to bbc watchdog and complain then maybe they will do something about it when they get national tv bad publicity

  52. %% Cold trick works %% *workaround not a fix*
    Refrigerator for 10 min
    Freezer for 5 min
    * Might have to manually reset ‘menu+select’

    This is the only thing I’ve found that would work.

    Obviously the LCD itself isn’t the problem. Try to spread this message, there are too many unnecessary nano paper weights out there.

  53. Mine had the same problem yesterday. Nothing showed up, except for the white screen and sometimes blue and green vertical lines, except I could still play music. But today, the white screen of death was there, with a tiny yellow line. No music played at all, and not even the clicker. I plugged it into my computer and it said that the disk was not readable by the computer. Now it just has a black screen of death. No music, no clicker. It’s dead. It’s almost three years old and I used it almost daily. I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m pissed. I don’t have the money to buy a new one.

  54. Reading Hues post, I do remember the first time I got the white screen. It was a very cold day in December. I originally thought that the screen had frost.

    Anyway, I try some of the thing listed earlier.

  55. Same problem here: iPod 5.5G 160GB, must be three years old. Recently these white screens appeared quite randomly. Can not be mounted anymore, so I guess it’s not just the display but a crash. Rebooting always fixes this for me.

  56. OK, I’ve got it figured out now. I had the white screen of death on a 2nd gen. Ipod nano. Everything I tried didn’t work, then one day the screen came back! It lasted a few days until I dropped the ipod, and the screen went white again. I realized it must be a loose connection, so I rapped it on my desk and the screen came back! Now, it’s important to hit the ipod on the table in just the right way. I experimented with several angles and the best one is to hold your ipod straight up and down (with the screen at the top) and hit it sharply on your desk on the side with the jack (where your ipod cable connects). You don’t have to even hit it very hard. Try it!

  57. %% Cold trick works %% *workaround not a fix*
    Refrigerator for 10 min
    I tried for two minutes in the refrigerator

    Really works

  58. ok guys – I ordered some cheep china parts – and – believe it or not – the lcd (5$ cost) solved the issue completetly!!

    have fun! and enjoy ipod nano

  59. There Seems to be moisture sensor inside the headhone jack that if tripped triggers this whitescreen Phenomena!!

  60. I had this problem when I charged my iPod on a wall charger, I unlocked it and “the white screen of death” apeared! I checked out this website, then I restrored it to the factory settings, it took the software from it and it automaticly turned of. Then the computer came up with an error telling me that the restore couldn’t go ahead for some reason. I paniced as my iPod was turned of without a software and the computer couldn’t find it. It just said uknown USB device. I held the power button for about 30 second and it turned on, it works now, it even locks and unlocks as it should. I got off this one lightly, unlucky for those that this dosn’t work, I suggest you send it too apple were they might be able to solve the problem, hinton99 out.

  61. Tried EVERY trick in I could find on the net, finally got a new lcd from idemigods.com, replaced it an Voila! No more WSoD

  62. I wonder if Henrika’s method works or not .or is it just a promotion of idemigods.com ? may be im thinking too much.
    I also have a Ipod nano 2nd and having the same problem.
    I am thinking of getting a new lcd screen for it , but i want to know if people have tried it.

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  64. We carry out this repair regularly and my experience with this problem is either related to a loose ribbon cable, defective screen or maybe a software glitch.I found one with metal filings inside it, which isn’t going to help.

    But before you think about taking it apart first try restoring from itunes, try holding the menu and select buttons down for about 10secs after you have toggled the hold button, contact Apple, you might still be in warranty and if you aren’t and you don’t want to pay Apple to fix the unit then maybe look at a local console fixer (I’m pretty good!).

    The hardest part of resolving the problem is getting the case off! It’s relatively easy when you know how but trying to do it with no tell tale signs is almost an art form.

  65. There’s no solution for this? Dangit. Mine has the white screen of death, but still plays music and clicks. But no screen! I’ve tried everything-when I reset it, it goes STRAIGHT back to the white screen! I’m praying this is only temporary, or that apple adresses the problem. -_-*

  66. I was doing an LCD replacement, after doing it I had the white screen, tried putting in the old LCD and still had just a white screen. Tried all your suggestions and it was still happening.

    In the end I had to blow out where the ribbon cable connects to the motherboard and clean the contacts on the ribbon cable with an eraser.

  67. Yup, just got hit with the White Screen of death on my I-touch 8gb. What a bitch ! WTF is wrong with Apple. Apple store cant fix it. Now thats what you call customer service not !!!

  68. SAme thing happened to me it was fine before but when I turned it on it was all white and then after 20 secs it’d go dark like how I set the baklight to do, and my music strill worked and all I just couldn’t see the screen so I looked every where online and nothing would work so I need to get a new one :(

  69. yep same thing is happening to my ipod, started with lines and then slowly went white can still hear music so still using it, still charges still regs on computer, can change from shuffle on/off from docking station. could just see faint outlines of screen content if i tilted the pod at right angle in light but unreadable. wont bother buying a new one will look for other brands, recently bought my daughter one too! guess hers will last about a yr like mine!! i guess the ritual ipod god worship will be a fading religion in my house!! music gets me through the day.

  70. This is exactly what happened to me. I turned it off and the screen went funny,didn’t think anything of it. Tried to turn it back on and was just blank, reset it and the screen was working fine again! Turned it off later and now only a white screen I don’t even get the apple logo when i reset it :(

  71. My 4th generation 8gb ipod just started doing this tuesday. I thought I did something to it but I was pretty glad to find out that it’s actually a technical problem with apple itself. I called them up and told them about my problem and they gave me two choices; I could either send it in and have them fix it for me for a price of thirty dollars but there could still be a chance for the white screen or they could send me an email explaining to me what I should do to try fixing it myself but it’s all crap that is obvious. Now why should I have to pay thirty dollars for something that’s not my fault? Thirty dollars doesn’t sound like a lot but hell I didn’t do anything I just locked it then unlocked it and bam, White screen. I’ve tried everything! I’ve tried putting it into disk mode, I’ve tried the diagnostics mode, I’ve tried letting it die then recharging it. I’ve restored it but nothing is working. I believe some justice should be brought upon apple. This is the third damn apple product I’ve gotten and it malfunctioned. I’m looking at my first generation ipod touch right now and that thing broke a while back. Don’t know how it just did. It tells me to recharge it then to connect to Itunes and it will not connect to Itunes so I don’t know screw apple, I’m going back to regular mp3 players, they might not have so much room but at least they can last me two-three years unlike any of my ipod products which have lasted me less than a year.

  72. Hi, I have an Ipod nano 3g 8gb with a white screen and no Apple log but just tried putting it in the fridge for 10 minutes and…IT WORKS!!! Give it a try!!

  73. GRR! Had my ipod nano 3g 8gb for aaages, seriously couldn’t live without it. Been on holiday for a week in a caravan & it broke so i spent daays thinking I’d broke it, only to return home & type it into google search & find that I’m not the only one. Seriously hope there is a solution I’ve tried most ideas..except that fridge one haha ^ ^ ^ .

  74. I got some water damage to my 3rd Generation iPod touch (8 GB). I freaked and searched on google how to fix this. One remedy was to take it apart and dry the screen. I tried doing this, but didn’t get past the first step (take the metal back off). I got frustrated and popped the back completely back on and the screen had bars that were flashing and moving across the screen vertically. I called my mom at work and told her of my idiotic attempt at fixing my iPod. She told me not to mess with it anymore and find something else to do. My iPod screen was wet for more than a day.
    Then one of my mom’s friends told me to put the oven on the lowest setting, place my iPod in a dish, and bake it. But he also told us to monitor it because if it got over 200 degrees, the iPod will melt. My mom planned on doing this while I was at a 3-hour Marching Band practice.
    She had successfully baked all the water out, but after letting it cool and charge, I still had the bars on my screen.
    Then today, while looking up how to figure combinations on my iPod, I got the White Screen of Death. I pressed the home button and the on/off button at the same time and got rid of it. I continued to do combinations, when my screen faded into, yet again, the White Screen of Death. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem other than me.

  75. Byron’s tip (rapping the iPod on the table, holding it straight up) helped for me!! I have a 2nd Gen Nano 2GB which got the WSoD a few times in the past year. I forgot how I got it working again the first times, could be by resetting it or maybe just by accident. One time, I tried letting it play till the battery was totally empty and that worked for me. But it easily might have been for another reason (maybe I shook the iPod just in the right way).
    The last time the WSoD showed up, a reset couldn’t be performed. Trying that, the Apple logo didn’t even appear. But a few times rapping it on the table in upright position (having put a magazine in between) did solve the problem.
    Thanks Byron (and Martijn for this blog)!

  76. I have the same situation. After 4 years with no problems at all my ipod nano 8gb is now in the “white screen of death” mode. No way of resetting or going into diagnostic mode, nothing happens. now is in a black screen mode with no signals of life.
    Hoping someone find out a solution….

  77. I have a 2gen 4GB, I get the white screen with vertical lines. I have tried resetting, I don’t get the apple logo & I can still play music. If I rap it on the table the lines get darker & a few more lines appear, but no correct pictures. Any idea what to do next???

  78. I keep having sporadic problems with the White Screen of Death & weird screen display problems, but when it happens, tapping it on a table (see my other post, above) and then resetting the iPod always works. It must be a loose connection. I’m going to keep my ipod nano until the cows come home…

  79. I have the iPod nano 8G that just went white. I have been very careful, respectful and reverent toward this unit. I just went to the Nice, France Mac store and was told to buy a new one. WHAT! I said it must be the French. Nope. You have all confirmed there is a problem with the iPod nano 8G Second Generation. Come on, Steve, work with us here. Help find a solution or replace a defective product.

  80. Ohhhh my, I just got the white screen og death on my nano 8gb 2.gen. and can tell for all your posts that there don’t seem to be any way to resolve this problem, I have tried all the reset and restore functions but with no luck so I guess that, as another wrote, I now have a very expensive memory stick…….. :(

  81. Seriously no joke – as a last resort i put the darn thing in the fridge. I sat staring at the timer like a woman waiting for a pregnancy test – 10 minutes later i opened up the fridge to grab my beloved baby out and she was all lit up like a Christmas tree! Unfortunately it’s only a temporary fix, cause 10 minutes later she’s back to white, and i can’t get the fridge trick to work again, i keep trying. :-(

  82. i have the same problem but every time i reset, it works until it goes to sleep, I turned off the “lock mode” it runs my battery faster but as long as I don’t hit the sleep button it works great. when I plug it in to the computer it goes to the white screen, when I took it in the apple tech at the genious counter said, well you can’t fix it, I will replace it for $150 dollars or you can just buy a new one for $199 oh and yes my warranty had just expired ( go figure) so i restored it with itunes and it didn’t fix it, I reset everything to factory settings and it deleted all my apps and still doesn’t work so I completely erased it, by the way never do this ( i was desperate) it deleted everything and just gives me a world with a usb picture and moments later, a white screen. I think apple is just forcing you to buy new ones, very smart on their part. but as for me I am done with them. good luck guys.

  83. i dont even know if what i have is the white screen of death like it works fine accept it has a white kind of thing always flashing on it. i use to be able to slap it with my hand really hard then it would go away and be good as new so now im unsure n if its the screen or what?
    maybe a loose screen, anyone wanna help?
    email me =]

  84. My son experience the same problem with his Ipod. First white stripes vertically then a totally white screen. 2nd Gen Ipod nano 8GB now 1 1/2 year old and bought it then in New York as a present. In spite of reset attempts many times the ipod only gives a light beep twice but furthermore no luck what so ever getting any other screen in sight.
    Also restoring the software through the Itunes programm on the computer does not have any effect. Reading all the nasty messages on this site and other remarks on the internet you can see where it leads to if a company gets too big and successfull. They forget how they became that big and successfull “through their customers”! Come on Apple!! Do a better job with this failure.

  85. thanks. this helped a lot i was so scred my ipod was done for but i got it back :)

  86. I had the same problem! Except I have multi-colored horizontal lines across my second gen iPod nano screen. At first it only happened occasionally, and if I turned it off and on it would go away. Then it started happening more and more. And now I can’t get any normal iPod screen. The warantee expired and Apple won’t help me with the problem, they tell me it’s more worth it to buy a new one. I think it’s a software program, and I’m very mad that apple designs such shitty products that aren’t meant to last more than 2 years. I have music that I will lose, and cannot get back.

  87. I have just recently had this problem, on my 8GB black Nano 2nd gen, and tried ressetting, to no success, then i lightly dropped it on my bed… then the screen worked fine. I believe this is a bad contact issue, probably due to dirt getting into the contacts on the ribbon cable of the LCD. so, should be an easy fix, just a good clean out!

  88. Same problem!! The only way to solve this problem is not buy Apple products….unfortunately I think this is some kind of scam…its defiantly not the screen because when you do a hard reset, its works fine. Its a software issue and Apple’s benefiting from this by people just buying new Apple products.

  89. Heyy guys! I really hope I don’t have the white screen of death…like 2-3 days ago my 8GB 4th generation ipod nano started getting these white horizontal lines across the top of the screen. The lines are thin and the rest of the screen is perfectly fine but now more and more lines are appearing and i’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried resetting it and I was going to ask apple for help but after reading the comments on here and other blog type things i know that will not do any good. so does anyone know what is going on with my screen or how I can fix it???? Any and all ideas are appreciated :) well except deleting everything because most of my songs i wouldnt ever get back if i were to delete them….

  90. i found out that putting the .ipsw of the latest firmwear the one that has the name as Nano(19/1.1.3) to download this file you need to name it iPod_19.1.1.3.ipsw or simply just but the .ipsw at the end of the file name to install it you just simply hold shift and click restore and look for the file you just download it and wow it returns back to the regular screen but idk if it will fix it, it might still switch to the white screen of death Good Luck this is the web site you need to go to if you want to try it its not risky at all but all the music will be deleted

  91. Someone said they couldn’t wait for a touch? My touch has this problem too, and with a touch I haven’t been able to find a single workaround, either.

  92. Hey, I was having the same problem where i turned on my ipod and just kept getting a white screen…tried restart (menu and centre buttons), same thing happenened…itunes wouldnt recognise the ipod unless i put it into disk mode, it let me reboot thru disk mode but same thing happened.

    I was on the verge of binning it and getting a new one but a could of people suggested opening it up and cleaning the connections….so I tired to open it using a credit card lol, and managed to get the case loose but couldnt get the whole thing off…anyway, I was gonna try again another day, but I just turned it on and bingo, it worked as normal! It must be something wrong with the connections inside…I dont know what…but before you bin it, try and open it up first…worth a try!

    Hope this helps someone…

  93. My blue 4th gen ipod nano has just started showing the white screen of death as well. unfourtunatly, im 2 months over the warranty so i can’t send it back for a replacement. I would like 2 know what causes this in the first place; it cant be age or damage, because my brother has a 2nd gen nano that is almost 5 years old and still works perfectly. gotta love apple….:/

  94. I have a 2nd gen 4G iPod Nano that I use with the Nike+ for running. I recently have been experiencing the vertical lines and white screen. I went outside (on the first really cold day) for a run this weekend and the lines magically disappeared. Then today when the lines appeared again I read this board and saw that some other people were putting their iPods in the fridge so I stuck mine in there for about 2 minutes and everything was back to normal. Thanks for the help!

  95. I tried all the button pushing/holding, with no satisfying results. The ipod was still white screened out, and nothing seemed to work. I did notice that it always got overheated, or seemed so to me, so I decided to put it in the freezer for a while to cool it off. (the hold switch was on) After fifteen minutes, I removed it and set the hold switch to off, and the menu screen came back up. Go figure….

  96. Ok, I wish I knew how bad off they were. I bought a Classic in ’09. Warranty just ended about 2 months ago. White screen of death. Reset sometimes gets the Apple logo, but backwards. Can play music hear the clicks and everything else, but it’s white screen

    What a complete farce this company has become. With the recent “Iphone” problems, it only proves what has been written here. I doubt it’s worth the price of repair. How’s the Zune run?

  97. The same thing happened 2 me – THE WHITE SCREEN however mine doesnt even play music so i reckon its just dead now. :(

  98. I bought my wife a 3g 8GB Nano years ago. She only uses it in the bedroom to play old time radio mp3s. It helps her sleep. It would require a reset every now and then. Lately she couldn’t play the games. I tried a reset and got a white screen, it still would play the old time radio shows but just a white screen for a display. No apple logo showed up and I tried the lock unlock and reset method several times with the same results. Finally I put it in the freezer for five minutes and voila! it had the screen normal again after a reset. My wife was pleased but she turned it off and handed it to me. It was still cold but when she turned it on it had a white screen of death again. I froze it for another five minutes with the lock on and took it out and unlocked it and the screen was back. She uses it with the wall adapter constantly on. So I plan on never turning it off and never letting it sleep. Now I need to know how to stop it from sleeping.

  99. Hi! same thing happened to me! i was so mad that everyone had the same problem, and apple wouldnt fix my Ipod ( they offered me money of an upgrade, but the generation 6 ipods are not nearly as cool as the generation 4 ipod i had)

    So i made a facebook group about it. It would be realy cool if you could join and share your story, and get other people to join also. or tweet, or get others to blog. I realy want apple to try to fix this problem, so please, please, please join!

  100. The 3g 8GB Nano is still working fine. It has been constantly on and plugged into the wall adapter in the bedroom. It is obviously not a heat related problem. It may be the battery. I have heard of rechargeable laptop batteries coming back to life after a short stay in a freezer. I think there is a minimum battery power for the Ipod to successfully reset or even turn off and back on whether it is plugged into A.C. power or not.
    The white screen of death seems to have different causes. The freezer worked for me. I set the timer on the stove and had it in the freezer for 5 minutes.

  101. I worked with mine for days having similar problems. I did nothing other than try to sync it when the screen when white. I hard reset multiple times, restored, even tried jail breaking. It would sync, but I had no control of the screen. Only a WHITE SCREEN. I began to notice if I pushed the home button hard when hard resetting, the apple logo began to appear longer. After some work, I found that applying pressure to the right of the home button brought the touch screen back to life (exactly where the digitizer cable connects). Come to find out, this is where the digitizer is connected. Good news is it works. I know that I will need to crack it open and soder the connector or buy a new digitizer. Cheaper than buying a new one.

    Hope this helps. After looking through multiple forums, it looks like a lot of people have this issue. Basically if you can sync, you probably have a bad digitizer cable connection

  102. Tried them all… reboot, fridge, rapping, beating… Still snow white! But still kicking from the realm of death. A vegetative shuffle life for my rocky iPod 3rd gen.

  103. As above, tried them all… reboot, fridge, rapping, beating… Still snow white! Engineering flaw that Apple will never admit to or sales strategy? Dunno but I won’t be buying another Apple product.

  104. Same thing happened to me 5 days ago… 16 gb Nano G5, literally 10 days past warranty. Tried everything here, nothing has worked. Itunes is crap anyways so I’m done with Apple. What a scam.

  105. i resorted my ipod and my ipod is dead everytime i try to charge my ipod and when it syncs the white screens always pops up. What should i do? i dont know im tired of trying to fix it cause its so annoying

  106. Had been using black 16 gb 5th gen nano little less than year and today white screen w/ strange black 1/4 inch vertical blotch at bottom right w/ white jagged line. Screen doesn’t appear damaged asside from burn mark now from blotch into screen. Music still playing but no reset options w/ apple logo, etc. Unfortunately only expect proposal from apple store to buy new one or pay just as much to fix. Large successful companies seem to rarely admit fault or offer to help unless really massive newsworthy recall hurts their image: see toyota. I dealt w/ people claiming probs w/ toyota acceleration/braking issues before major recall news broke and company warranty or not would typically deny responsibility until finally too many people were affected. Ipod, unlike a car though, will probably need much more of a complaint scandal since its not a safety issue and though expensive not nearly as a financial burden as an automobile.

  107. Not sure about the 2g nanos but for 4g (and 5g I bet) the white screen is caused from a bad connection to the lcd screen from the logic board. This could explain why the OP’s situation always came back. For the 5g nanos, you will need to change the screen most likely, but the 4g is the oppsite, the screen does not fix it every time, and is often the ribbon cable. It is possible to fix, but requires extremely good soldering skills. GOOD LUCK!

  108. Hi all
    Had my 4g 2nd gen nano since June 2007. I have had the white screen issue for about 6 months now and sometimes the screen doesn’t return after resetting.
    So has anyone found a comparable alternative and moved away from Apple completely or are we all still just struggling on through the problem or purchasing new Ipod’s? Personally I don’t like the new nano, am thinking about a classic but it seems so big. Any suggestions for an alternative.

  109. Having the same issues with my nano. In fact, every iPod product I’ve ever had had some quality issue. I just don’t understand why consumers are so enamored of Apple products. They are such crap! This company has the biggest ‘beta’ mentality of any tech company out there (throw crap into the marketplace and fix it later). Maybe the company will be more consumer friendly when Jobs finally gets his cancer-riddled ass out of there for good!

  110. Okay, so I have a 8gb 4th gen. Bought in March 2009. Literally, I got the white screen 2 weeks after the warranty expired. I called apple and they wanted me to pay for a new one, or repair or whatever. I wanted to think about it. I put it away for a couple of days, and I tried it again and it just came back on and worked fine for a while. Then in May of 2010, I turned it on one day to head to the gym, and again got the white screen of death. Called Apple again, they said I needed to buy another one. Seriously? I have tried every single suggestion (fridge, oven, rapping, restarting, etc.) and nothing works. NOTHING. I swear it is their profit strategy. They set then up to only work a certain length of time, then you are forced to either purchase a new one, or have it fixed. Its expensive to have repaired. I want to a local apple place to get my ipod fixed. They quoted me $70. REALLY?
    I am done with Apple altogether. They are shady. It’s all about money. You would think that they would be all about customer satisfaction. What a joke!!

  111. ok the main cause of the white screen is over heating so in must cases you should regulate the device s temprature may be by puting it onto the floor then reset it.after its on pliz disable the ipods sleep mode.so as it may always display insted of whitening…. thnx.

  112. I have the same issue: Ipod 2Gen, red, 4GB, shows the white screen of death ocassionally. After a while it will work, then again not (music is always playing). I am really pissed off by Apple, because it seems to be a software bug they don’t want to fix because it makes (some) people buy a newer Ipod. I won’t. I will never again buy any Apple product for the next years and I will tell everybody about their fail!

  113. Have you ever tried reformatting the drive (Fat32 on a PC, or Mac Extended HFS Plus on a Mac) and then restoring it? That ought to give you a blank slate to start with if it’s a software issue.

  114. Have you asked apple if they will jsut replace the screen or if thats even possible ?

  115. i have the black 120gb classic and ive gotten the screen before but i just let it die then charged it and it was fine. i didnt get the screen for about a year then today i got it and nothing was working. i saw this and just for the hell of it tried the debug mode thing and it didnt go to it but now my ipod is fixed O.o so thank you

  116. I get the “White Screen of Death” with my 3rd generation iPod Touch…I’ve had it since September 13th, 2009, so of course my warranty is up. When I went to my local Apple store, the tech said it is most likely my logic board…or the LCD, which I think is what they tell everyone. The tech said a new logic board would cost me $199 for my 32gigabyte iPod, or about $75 if it truly was the LCD…might as well buy a brand new iPod if it actually is broken.

    Every once in a while (like, every 5 or 6 days), my iPod will randomly decide to work. It will start rolling my screen like an old T.V. with bad reception when it decides to work. Is this a common problem with the oh-so-famous “White Screen of Death?”

    Please send me a message at cierramarshcamp @ yahoo .com if anyone has advice…I read a lot of everyone else’s comments, but after about 35 long responses, got too tired and confused.

  117. problem: white screen of death

    cause: possible battery is run down (maybe)

    my solution: charge for several hours (24-36), then follow apples instructions.

    result: works fine, and it was frustration to the max…………………..do not give up, and be patient

    peace out


  118. dude i have found the cure of the WSoD!!!!!

    but it will be expensive :(

    the problem is not a software problem, it’s a hardware problem :(

    but!!! i can show you how to fix the problem 😀

    1. plug the ipod cable to the ipod.
    2. press really hard the ipod cable inside the ipod
    3. press the menu and select buttons like 10 seconds. BUT!!! you need to press them hard.

    and there you have it.

    the only thing that a suggest you to do is not hit the ipod, because if you hit it, it will turn the WSoD again, and you will have to do the process again.

    good luck and have fun 😀

  119. hey i have the 4gb red 2nd gen and i got the white screen of death do you guys know how to fixit

  120. Hello, I got to the diagnostics menu last night and pressed “Deep Sleep”. The menu came back. This morning the White Screen of Death appeared again. But when I tried reaching the diagnostics menu again, I would get the white screen. What happened?

  121. Hi, I have had the same problem with an ipod Nano that has spent most of it’s life in the box. On taking it apart, I noticed that the on board micro wiring that connects the ram to the motherboard has deteriorated at points, upon checking the circuitry I noticed that in other places the micro wiring was also deteriorating. This may explain why the problem is across the generations. Anyway this could be the problem.

  122. Hey :)
    I have this problem now, have just fixed it!!
    It may come back… but I restored it to factory condition through itunes, ejected it through itunes and disconnected USB mass storage device down the bottom of my computer an woo hoo a menu screen came up! It went white again though.. but I held down select+menu and menu came back straight away. YAY 😀
    P.S make sure to disconnect it properly from your computer every time after charging or putting music on as this stops it from coming back.

  123. This just recently happened to me. I freaked out. It stayed on my iHome for a while until I decided to play with it. That night the menu came on and I fell asleep. The next morning I thought it was a dream until I checked it. That was months ago. I played with it again last night. And it is on the menu now. I don’t know how I got it to work. I hit it around and then turned it off. And just now, I turned it on and the menu was up. I’m listening to music now. I want a new ipod. Do you think I could complain to Apple? Maybe if everyone complains to Apple, will Apple look into the problem? I have the same ipod as you but, mine is silver instead of black.

  124. The problem is a hardware problem and you need to replace your screen. You can buy a new screen for around $5.00 on eBay. Here is the link to a Youtube video that shows how to replace the screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8t-RHrRBcI The replacement screen may come with the tools required to disassemble your ipod. I suggest to push VERY FIRMLY when removing the screws to avoid stripping the heads. Hope this helps.

  125. I tried the steps but it won’t work. I have it charged and it plays music. I have a white screen with a small blue line. Logo will not show.

  126. the same thing happend with my touch! now it wont turn on and its really hot. i tried to restart it but it didnt work… what do i do!

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  128. Play a song and press the menu and the play button hold it until the screen changes this worked for me hope this help

  129. my solution would be, to drain your ipod until there is no
    more battery and charge it. I got mine to work,finally.
    sc**w APPLE!! they suck at customer service!

  130. I had the WSOD on my 2nd G Nano and put it in the draw for 1 year. Opened the draw and said “what the heck, I’ll charge it to see what happens.” Bam, it worked fine.
    Now my wife’s 2nd G Nano is doing the same thing except it has a thin light blue line going horizontally in the middle of the screen. My repair for that (because she won’t wait a year,) is to run the battery down to dead and place unit in a bag of rice for 2 days.
    I figured the 1 year draw method was about dead battery and eliminating moisture. So, I am trying to recreate with rice.
    I’ll let you know.

  131. Thank you soo much my ipod 4th gen had a really bad cracked screen and only showed up white, fully charged and everything soo unfortunatly now i know its dead…. ohh time for a new one anyway! thanks!

  132. Anyone who still got one of these devices, you might put your device to use in your car, often the ipod cables are located in dashboard cabin, unreachable. its a good spot to put in your old ipod and put it to use to load up those mp3s to your car stereo..

    At least I did with the device shown in pictures above and worked like a charm..luckily i did not throw away the device.

  133. Got it too – can’t believe it’s such a common problem and Apple can’t help. If they can’t provide a solution, they should be replacing them. Not like they can’t afford it!

  134. I had it also bt I fixed it 4my customer, if u have I had a spoiled motherboard od another ipod nano I removed the display crystal n replaced in the one 4the customer, I have solved the same problem in several similar ipods perfectly.

  135. I look for no further solution.

    Instead of pressing “Pause/Play” to switch on your iPod, use the reset buttons (menu+select).

  136. Byron 3 March 2010 at 3:22 am #

    OK, I’ve got it figured out now. I had the white screen of death on a 2nd gen. Ipod nano. Everything I tried didn’t work, then one day the screen came back! It lasted a few days until I dropped the ipod, and the screen went white again. I realized it must be a loose connection, so I rapped it on my desk and the screen came back! Now, it’s important to hit the ipod on the table in just the right way. I experimented with several angles and the best one is to hold your ipod straight up and down (with the screen at the top) and hit it sharply on your desk on the side with the jack (where your ipod cable connects). You don’t have to even hit it very hard. Try it!

    I tries this and it totally worked again. Awesome!

  137. Same problem…first got a nano 2nd generation…got dead pixels after a few months.. apple replaced it… then got the messed up white screen after a few months.. now I have an ipod touch and the battery dies withing 4 hours.. APPLE SUCKS

  138. I have a Iphone 3G and this morning all it would show me was the white screen of death. I tried everything from reseting it by holding the home and the lock button to restoring it to factory presets through itunes. I finally got it working but now i have realized that it keeps happening every time i push down on the top right hand side of the screen (which i tend to do when holding the lock button) hence why it wouldn’t reset this morning. still annoying but it’s workable til i can go to the Apple store tomorrow.

  139. I began getting this same issue about 3 weeks ago on my 2nd gen Nano 8 GB, seems like a lot of others that have posted here have had the same experience. Apple should front up about this ‘obvious product production fault’ just like they are now coming to the party for people with 1st gen Nano’s and replacing them Free Of Charge for a battery fault (I have one I had forgotten to throw away so pleased with that) freebie in the post. I had stopped using the 2nd gen and very unhappy adter restoring several times and having to reload everything etc. Anyway I’ll try the short sharp shock treatment on it next time it plays up. Cheers all.

  140. I have the same problem with mine, fortunately I’ve had mine for 4 years so I suppose I got ‘worth’ out of it. However, I’ve read some of these posts and a few relate to how mine whited out. I’d started going to the gym and not 2 days after doing so I notice lines spanning across the ipod. I specifically used the tredmill and after I’d used the ipod I’d put it into sleep mode. Everytime I’d go back to use it more lines would appear.

    Foo-ey on apple’s part in trying to fix this. They can make an iphone with an 8 megapixle camera but can’t fix a screening error.

  141. unfortunately, my daughters nano started this. we have had ipods for a long time and never had this happen until now. my wife, two daughters, and i have ipods. count that up. thats quite a few hundy’s given to apple. one of the reasons jobs and his assc’s made a lot of money! as of now, reading all these post, i will never buy another iAnything! with that said, this sort of thing is going to happen to every peice of electronic crap we buy. the kids got kindle fire’s for x-mas, how long will those last?? i plopped down a ****load of cash on my effects proccessor for my guitar 5 yrs ago, it died 2 months ago so i plopped down another ****load of cash on another one. it’s a neverending circle of cheap products made for profit and everyone (including me) gets suckered into buying them! i would gladly pay 2 to 3 times as much if I could just get a product made to last longer than a gallon of milk! DID YOU HEAR THAT APPLE?! 2 TO 3 TIMES AS MUCH! quit making garbage and listen to your customers!

  142. I have the white screen of death with my ipod nano second generation, it’s gotten worse with time. I’ll try the microsoft zune before i buy another ipod.

  143. I have the nano 2nd generation 4 gb and the white screen of death has appeared Apple is no help but it still plays music. before buy i another apple mp3 player i try the microsoft zune.

  144. I have the nano 2nd generation 4 gb and the white screen of death has appeared Apple is no help but it still plays music. before buy I another apple mp3 player i’ll try the microsoft zune.

  145. I get the white screen frequently. Nothing fixes it other than leaving it alone for an indeterminate amount of time. Crossing of fingers may help…
    Does every iPod ever made have this problem?
    Dear Apple: WTF?!

  146. “Hi Guys,

    Just for those ipod nano owners out there; apple started a replacement program which you can find here. word is that they send a replacement nano (6th) gen in return for your old nano :


    Good Luck!”

    Please note: the above ^^ is for the 1st gen ipod nanos ONLY.

    Thanks to Martijn for the information. Best of luck to those with 1st gen nanos.

  147. Display shows a white screen

    ?Try putting the iPod into disk mode:
    ?Reset the device (press the Sleep and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the display turns black—about eight seconds).
    ?When the display turns black, hold down the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons simultaneously until the device enters Disk mode.

    ?While the device is in disk mode, sync it to iTunes and try to restore.

  148. I have the same problem, I’m broke and cannot afford a new iPod right now. But I did find out a temporary solution, you can hook it up to iTunes and wait for iTunes to recognize your iPod. Then you click on your iPod to where it show you info. Then you click the last box which will read “enable spoken menus” (THIS ONLY WORKS FOR 4TH GEN IPOD NANO!!!) then apply and sync. It will read out the menus and your songs. It’s annoying but it will work for me until I get a new iPod.

  149. May be too hot or cold(device).
    1) warm it up for 5-10 min.(cover it with something warm)
    2) lock and unlock switch 2 times. Hold same time (home+select)
    3) when it restarts(when screen turns black, immediately hold the Play/Pause button for +10 seconds.

    1) put in refrigerator for 3 min tops and do the same thing.


  150. The “White Screen of Death” has been ingeniously implemented by Apple to perpetuate their future profits by orchestrating “planned obsolescence”. This technique was actually first conceived and utilized by the auto manufacturers in the 1970’s.
    I suspect that Windows users are also duped into buying new computers after a couple years because of their sluggishness.

    My Solution: After my beloved Nano became a victim of the White Screen Virus it became a permanent fixture in my IHome dock in the bathroom, filled with my favorite, invigorating
    shower tunes. It was replaced by a cheap knock-off purchased at a drugstore. So if it gets lost, broken or stolen> no big deal.

    Live Long & Prosper!
    Space Cowboy X9

  151. iPod 4gb ser#7N747S6MYOP Changed the battery ,plays music
    but white screen. Another victum.

  152. Hi all,

    I had the same problem for months, and found one solution that works for me time after time: do the ‘reset test’ from within the diags menu as described in the beginning of this post. It resides as the last test under ‘other’. This reset clearly reboots the hardware “different” than the reset done by pushing the MENU and the SELECT key simultaneously time after time properly.
    In my humble opinion it is a reset / current related problem.
    Hopes this helps for you people as well.

    Kind regards,

    Erik – London

  153. Guys I’ve been having this issue as well (with iphone) and my solution was to finally tap the phone hard on its side on a padded surface (such as rubber mat or your thigh), and then just press the sleep/wake button again

    Try it!

  154. Same issue with my ipod nano 2g. Thought it was my fault since i used to take the ipod to bed (audiobooks used to talk me to sleep) an might have layed on it. WSoD. sold on ebay. bought a used one in perfect condition. after some itunes connections….WSoD again. hard to believe that’s chance. Have to admit to suppose Apple’s product live circle strategies behind it. Damn arrogant MFs? if so, really disgusting. poo:-)

  155. IN MY ipod nano 3rd generation apple logo is not showing .It’s screen turn white what to do .I had update the ipod

  156. What i have observed is that everything works fine except the screen.. While listening to music continuously without any display suddenly the display comes back when the battery power goes below 50%.. Maybe the battery is giving some problem with the firmware update. Becoz this happened once i updated the software

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